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Wishing everyone a belated happy new year and a surprised good luck to US readers over Obama's inauguration speech which was overtly liberal and touched on a lot of issues that his supporters find important. It was surprising because Obama's always presented himself and acted as a centrist pragmatic Democrat, and has disappointed his base constantly by his acts on civil liberties and drone warfare. Anyway, good luck to him in his second term.

My cat Sally, who's sixteen years old has been ill lately being very lethargic and not eating went to the vet's again this week and is happily far more active, and she greedily ate all the special food the vet gave us. Due to funding cuts by the Tories our department had to give up the tenancy on our building and move into the council buildings near Finsbury Park where they practice "smart working", this means funnily enough that although everyone else has an official desk and has to lock away their laptop and all their personal items as they don't technically have a personal desk, as I'm on the Front Office team and have to have a "secure working environment" as I deal with official documents, passports, bank statements etc, I'm the only one who gets their own office. Which is very cool.

In fanfic and sceptical news I've come across an amazing piece of writing called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. The basic premise is what if Petunia instead of marrying Vernon Dursley, she instead married a scientist. Harry Potter is introduced to the wizarding world and tries to apply rationality and the scientific method to the problems he faces there. It's an Aesop written by AI researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky who also writes at Highly recommended.


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