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Doctor Who has returned to our screens and after watching the first two episodes which I enjoyed immensely I started pondering like many others who the titles of the first two episodes are referring to. The episode names are 'The Magician's Apprentice' and 'The Witches Familiar', I will now not only reveal to you who they are referring to, but why.

Clara Oswald. And here's why, in the first episode the Doctor is referred to as Magician when he's mucking about in a medieval castle, and when all the planes stop in midair who gets called by UNIT? Clara, she's a seasoned traveller with the Doctor and and knows enough about his personality to be able to hone in on where he would be and is respected by UNIT to deal with Missy on her own as she's worked closely with him as if she's his apprentice.

Now for the second episode, 'The Witches Familiar'. Familiars are generally animal spirits referred to as guides or companions to witches or magicians in folklore and seeing as in the second episode Missy and Clara spend the entire episode together where Clare tends to fall into the same role as she does wtih the Doctor, being tested by being asked questions, being taught about the universe and the creatures within it, and it's also a lovely callback to the scene in the first episode where Missy talks about the difference in the releationship between Missy and the Doctor and Clara and the Doctor. She refers to an elderly couple going for a walk with a dog on a leash, to Missy, Clara's the dog.  This fits in with what I've seen as the Master sees all the Doctor's companions as his pets,
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