Sep. 24th, 2012

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I am still alive, and there have been a few changes in the life of me.

I had an amazing time at The Amazing Meeting and met up with some friends from the JREF forum in Real Life, not as many people as last year but still great fun and there are lots of videos on the JREF youtube page.

I have a very nice shiny new laptop as well as a big screen wall mounted TV that my Dad and stepmum bought for my 30th, and after nearly a week of cursing not being able to connect one to other, the Brat said "what do these cables do?" and so I used the HDMI cables to connect them.

The big screen HDTV was the most expensive present I think I've ever received, but the Kindle from my sister and step-sister has been getting the most use and thoroughly increased my book reading, and thanks to ArchiveOfOurOwn's downloading capability, the amount of fanfiction I've been reading has increased as well.

And while the political odd couple of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been arguing about how severely to screw the economy up and beat the poor, over in the US the Republicans seem to be going out of their way in order to insult people they need to  vote for them. There's latino's, blacks, the elderly, the young, and the unemployed but seeing as Republican politicians are working overtime to use voter suppression against those groups maybe it won't matter anyway.


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