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Earlier this week I came back from the 1st annual 9 worlds convention that originated on Kickstarter and it was absolutely amazing! I will most definitely be going back again next year after everything I did and saw. I've come back with nearly a dozen books, many either signed or second hand, and compared to what I could have brought I consider this the height of restraint.

The convention was sorted into tracks for all the different subjects from gaming to cosplay, steampunk to feminism. The main tracks I spent most of my time at were scepticism, books, film and fanfic, the last of which I learnt what 'Omegafic' was. Do not google, you cannot unknow this information no matter how much retcon (water) and brain bleach (punch) they had available.

I also played my first board game in nearly twenty years which was a lord of the rings RPG where I played a Dwarf coming to help a band of heroes defending Frodo from a group of trolls and Orcs. I was very badass and killed two apparently fearsome creatures by sneaking up behind them both and smiting them with one blow. I really regret not spending any time in the gaming rooms.

I may have to find a gaming group nearby to play more. I can see how much fun events like DragonCon could be.


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