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Bob Dylan today won the Noble Prize for Literature, an award which I think he deserves for his lifelong services to writing. If you look back on his career, he has multiple albums that will be played and remembered a century from now, which very few musicians have even a few songs that will last and be remembered.

Here's just one of them.

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One of the people who I met through Skeptics In the Pub is also a youtuber called David Landon Cole, who was also recent contestant on University Challenge for York College. This is his video talking about may aspects of the European Union, how it came about, and why he thinks we should stay a part of it. His arguments are a far more eloquent and detailed version of my views and so I've embedded it below.


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 Ever since the multiple award winning Broadway smash hit was released as a cast album, Hamilton fever has swept not just the United States but the Internet as well. Which is how I found it on youtube and loved all the songs, even going as far as to buy the album of amazon even when I could listen to it online for free.That's devotion.

The below video is for those who fannishness is of a more intense sort. Seek help for yourself or those close to you who may need it.

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Last night I wound up my younger sister known to long time readers as The Brat, a title she has not deserved for several years but retains here for for sheer consistancy. Like I said, I know I shoudn't but it's so easy for us to tease and wind each other up, it's especially funny for one of us when in the middle of a sentence the other trips over our tongue when delivering a pointed comment and fumbles our words. I love my sister more than nearly every other person on the planet, but dear god I do find getting on her nerves funny.
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First off, TV shows both broadcast and streaming that you should be watching are as follows: Fargo, Jessica Jones, The Expanse, and the delightful, funny, and educational Adam Ruins Everything which originated on College Humor and scratches my sceptic Mythbusters/Penn & Teller's Bullshit itch perfectly.

Anyway, on the film, no spoilers, but I enjoyed it immensely. It had good bad guys, lots of call backs and all sorts of cool action. JJ Abrams gets what people loved about the original trilogy and gives it to us in spades, especially with characters who are real people and have understandable motivations.

Not a great film but again, a highly enjoyable one. Well worth seeing again, which I'm going to do later on this evening.
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It's saturday afternoon in north London and it's very cold outside. Now normally on saturdays I go out for a walk in order to use up some energy and not still be awake at 2 or 3 in the morning because I wake up late on the weekends.

Now I should get well wrapped up and brave the frozen wastes chilly streets, but it's very cold, I'm a wimp and the new Jessica Jones show is on Netflix and after that is the alternate history tv series The Man in the HIgh Castle on amazon streaming.

Netflix in bed watching it on the big screen it is.
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Doctor Who has returned to our screens and after watching the first two episodes which I enjoyed immensely I started pondering like many others who the titles of the first two episodes are referring to. The episode names are 'The Magician's Apprentice' and 'The Witches Familiar', I will now not only reveal to you who they are referring to, but why.

Clara Oswald. And here's why, in the first episode the Doctor is referred to as Magician when he's mucking about in a medieval castle, and when all the planes stop in midair who gets called by UNIT? Clara, she's a seasoned traveller with the Doctor and and knows enough about his personality to be able to hone in on where he would be and is respected by UNIT to deal with Missy on her own as she's worked closely with him as if she's his apprentice.

Now for the second episode, 'The Witches Familiar'. Familiars are generally animal spirits referred to as guides or companions to witches or magicians in folklore and seeing as in the second episode Missy and Clara spend the entire episode together where Clare tends to fall into the same role as she does wtih the Doctor, being tested by being asked questions, being taught about the universe and the creatures within it, and it's also a lovely callback to the scene in the first episode where Missy talks about the difference in the releationship between Missy and the Doctor and Clara and the Doctor. She refers to an elderly couple going for a walk with a dog on a leash, to Missy, Clara's the dog.  This fits in with what I've seen as the Master sees all the Doctor's companions as his pets,
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Yet again proving my previous posting that I only ever use this LJ for posting videos, I'm posting a video and seeing as it's mid July and I'm not in Las Vegas this year. It'll be a two for one deal today.

First off is an old BBC advert that's an adaptation of the Python's what have the Roman's ever done for us skit that brilliantly done and features a lot of old faces happily annotated in the video, the reason for which is bloody f***ing Tories, not satisfied with destroying the pillars of British society such as the welfare state, the NHS and what little power unions have in this country, are also trying to destroy the BBC the same way they did the NHS last time they were in power, starvation of funds.

On a happier note, the second video is by George Hrab the MC of The Amazing Meeting and he does these marvelous videos at the beginning of every TAM, this one is a pastiche of Pharrel's hit song "Happy" and is instead called Randi.

Here you go, enjoy.

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First off, happy towel day all you hoopy froods.

I saw Mad Max over the weekend and it was an entirely awesome movie which, thanks to the gigantic arseholes that call themselves Men's Rights Activists, my sister also saw and we can talk about how very cool the movie was.

But here's what seems to be the only thing that can get me to update my LJ, a video. It's from the European Space Agency, and they're celebrating Towel Day with a reading from the book.

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It's been nearly a year since I last updated this journal and a fair bit has changed.

  1. I've grown a beard

  2. lost some weight

  3. met and broken up with a girlfriend

  4. watched some great films

  5. sold hundreds of my old comics

  6. really got into the alternate history forum

Oh, and this evening I came across this interesting philosophical video at Skepticon 7 by Scott Clifton who my US readers may know as an actor from the tv show The Bold and The Beautiful, but I know him as a skeptical/atheist vlogger by the name of Theoretical Bullshit.

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I *actually* flailed. Me, a grown man over 30 years old several times flailed my hands all over the place while watching this show.

To quote many people on twitter, Moffett you magnificent bastard!!!
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Do you every have one of those days where you want to do something, or think you'd enjoy doing something but you really can't build up the effort to do it? I was supposed to be going to a skeptics in the pub meeting tonight and I always enjoy them. I have good chats with people I know, I enjoy listening to the speaker and learning new things, but I just couldn't be bothered to go. Same thing this weekend, I planned on going to the cinema, but instead spent the weekend in tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt.

Hell, I nearly quit writing this blogpost halfway through. Hoping I don't feel like this tomorrow, I've got a D&D game to get to.
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Earlier this week I came back from the 1st annual 9 worlds convention that originated on Kickstarter and it was absolutely amazing! I will most definitely be going back again next year after everything I did and saw. I've come back with nearly a dozen books, many either signed or second hand, and compared to what I could have brought I consider this the height of restraint.

The convention was sorted into tracks for all the different subjects from gaming to cosplay, steampunk to feminism. The main tracks I spent most of my time at were scepticism, books, film and fanfic, the last of which I learnt what 'Omegafic' was. Do not google, you cannot unknow this information no matter how much retcon (water) and brain bleach (punch) they had available.

I also played my first board game in nearly twenty years which was a lord of the rings RPG where I played a Dwarf coming to help a band of heroes defending Frodo from a group of trolls and Orcs. I was very badass and killed two apparently fearsome creatures by sneaking up behind them both and smiting them with one blow. I really regret not spending any time in the gaming rooms.

I may have to find a gaming group nearby to play more. I can see how much fun events like DragonCon could be.
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Wishing everyone a belated happy new year and a surprised good luck to US readers over Obama's inauguration speech which was overtly liberal and touched on a lot of issues that his supporters find important. It was surprising because Obama's always presented himself and acted as a centrist pragmatic Democrat, and has disappointed his base constantly by his acts on civil liberties and drone warfare. Anyway, good luck to him in his second term.

My cat Sally, who's sixteen years old has been ill lately being very lethargic and not eating went to the vet's again this week and is happily far more active, and she greedily ate all the special food the vet gave us. Due to funding cuts by the Tories our department had to give up the tenancy on our building and move into the council buildings near Finsbury Park where they practice "smart working", this means funnily enough that although everyone else has an official desk and has to lock away their laptop and all their personal items as they don't technically have a personal desk, as I'm on the Front Office team and have to have a "secure working environment" as I deal with official documents, passports, bank statements etc, I'm the only one who gets their own office. Which is very cool.

In fanfic and sceptical news I've come across an amazing piece of writing called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. The basic premise is what if Petunia instead of marrying Vernon Dursley, she instead married a scientist. Harry Potter is introduced to the wizarding world and tries to apply rationality and the scientific method to the problems he faces there. It's an Aesop written by AI researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky who also writes at Highly recommended.
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That is all.
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So today or rather this evening, I bring you three videos. First off is his best known, The Pale Blue Dot.

THE SAGAN SERIES (part 1) - The Frontier Is Everywhere

And finally a musical piece, Melodysheep's A Glorious Dawn.

I'm still sick with the flu, but videos like this always make feel good.


Nov. 7th, 2012 02:14 pm
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I am feeling like absolute crap right now and really looking forward to going home and having the rest of the week off.

I did go and see Marian Call over the weekend when she came to London on her Euro Tour, and congratulations to Obama and the liberals in the US, good luck with the next four years and I hope you don't have to put up with as much disruption from the other side as you did the last four years.

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I am still alive, and there have been a few changes in the life of me.

I had an amazing time at The Amazing Meeting and met up with some friends from the JREF forum in Real Life, not as many people as last year but still great fun and there are lots of videos on the JREF youtube page.

I have a very nice shiny new laptop as well as a big screen wall mounted TV that my Dad and stepmum bought for my 30th, and after nearly a week of cursing not being able to connect one to other, the Brat said "what do these cables do?" and so I used the HDMI cables to connect them.

The big screen HDTV was the most expensive present I think I've ever received, but the Kindle from my sister and step-sister has been getting the most use and thoroughly increased my book reading, and thanks to ArchiveOfOurOwn's downloading capability, the amount of fanfiction I've been reading has increased as well.

And while the political odd couple of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been arguing about how severely to screw the economy up and beat the poor, over in the US the Republicans seem to be going out of their way in order to insult people they need to  vote for them. There's latino's, blacks, the elderly, the young, and the unemployed but seeing as Republican politicians are working overtime to use voter suppression against those groups maybe it won't matter anyway.
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I've just booked my flight to Las Vegas for TAM 2012, and am very happy to have done all of my bookings a month ahead of the actual event, because I do have issues with lack of initiative and prevarication, which I am very prone to.

I've spent the Jubilee weekend here in London not fawning over the Queen and the royal family, but actually reading books and staying off the computer, this afternoon will be the first I've been online in two days. I've fallen a bit behind with my non-fiction reading, but my SF progress has been very good.

This week I've read the Solaris Rising 2011 short story SF collection, Greg Egan's Oceanic short story collection, Ken Macleod's Night Sessions near future book, and I've started listening to The Nano Flower, the third in Peter F Hamilton's Greg Mandel series.

Now I have a slight request to make of you, I'm thinking about buying a ebook read for my upcoming birthday, and I was wondering if any of you fine folks had any recommendations? I really can't afford anything nearing a hundred pounds, but if anybody can think of a good cheap I'd be very grateful.

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